Who We Are

Welcome to Sunol Hills! Located in the beautiful East Bay Area of California, Sunol Hills is a residential mental health facility providing comprehensive treatment for adolescents and adults living with eating disorders. Our small (6-bed) facilities provide a supportive, therapeutic space in which clients receive the specialized care they need to improve awareness of their eating disorder and embark on the journey to recovery. Our dedicated staff of nurses, therapists, dietitians, doctors, and mental health workers provide round-the-clock care to the people we serve.

Our Treatments

Our experienced team of dietitians, chefs, clinical therapists, medical doctors, nurses, and other specialists provide 24/7 treatment and therapeutic support for clients living with a range of eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and ARFID.

Our Facility

Our programs are run out of gorgeous multi bedroom homes in tranquil, tree-lined neighborhoods. With beautiful yards and an abundance of light, space, and other amenities, the facilities are the perfect space for our clients to heal and grow.

Residential treatment
Dedicated Nursing Staff
Meditation & Yoga

Our Team

Sunol Hills is proud to maintain a devoted, knowledgeable staff of nurses, therapists, Dietitians, doctors, and mental health workers. Our team is passionate and dedicated in serving, educating and empowering clients and their families on their path to recovery.