We expect that you might feel pretty uncomfortable when you first arrive. You will be in a new and unfamiliar environment with people that are unknown to you. Plus you are probably very aware that these unknown people know more about you than you know about them. You can expect this will bring up some emotions, like fear, anxiety, or anger. Please know that the staff here at Sunol Hills are here to help you make this
important transition go smoothly for you and are dedicated to making your stay here feel safe and secure. We hope you know that just the act of showing up here is an incredible act of courage. Own that. You are courageous.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.


The First Few Days

  1. Shortly after your admission, you will meet with a staff member who will explain the rules and guidelines of our program and all about our level system.
  2. Over the next two to three days, you will be getting your needs assessed, and attending groups and meals. You can expect to be excused from group activities a few times during the first two to three days, for purposes of co-developing your treatment plan.
  3. Very quickly, you will be assigned to your therapist.
  4. When all of the assessments are completed, you will begin working on your Level 1 contract with the nutritionist, therapist, and doctor.
  5. Your therapist may also want to have sessions with you and your family if it seems appropriate.



Your day is going to start early! Six-thirty a.m. is wake-up time. You will then be weighed and have your vitals checked by a nurse. You will be faced with three meals and three snacks seven days per week, which can be
triggering, but not to worry. A therapist and staff member will be there to support you. There will be 4 to 5 groups a day, starting at 9 am and ending after dinner. There will be time to study between 3:30 and 5 pm,
and yes, there will be some free time too. Visitors can arrive after dinner, and then you will have some free time to reflect, journal, or just have fun. There will always be someone available to talk to you 24/7 if you need it.


The Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and based upon what supports your recovery. During your stay, you will be completing and signing a weekly treatment contract that not only reflects the objectives of the treatment plan, but also your own personal goals. You will have a lot of input on these contracts, as we are really interested in what you want to achieve for yourself during and beyond treatment.

Admission and Intake

Upon arrival at Oakview, clients and their guardians will be shown around the facility and shown to their private room to settle in. They will be familiarized with the house rules and procedures to ensure a smooth integration into the program. Staff will guide clients and guardians through the intake process, and address any remaining questions or concerns.

Therapeutic Outings and Passes

On the weekends, and depending on their progress in their recovery journey, clients may also be permitted to leave the facility to go on outings with staff and other clients. Once clients have progressed, they may also be permitted to go out on passes to spend time with family and friends out in the community. These outings are carefully planned with loved ones in order to encourage clients’ growth, and to aid in normalizing food experiences outside of the treatment facility.

Individualized Care

In addition to the regular program schedule, clients also meet with our registered dietician, our psychiatrist, our medical doctor, and with their assigned therapist for individual and family therapy. Our experienced clinicians are available to support clients throughout their stay at Oakview, and to ultimately prepare them with tools and support for the next phase awaiting them after their time with us.